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Kin8tengoku 3410 一般会員様5日間限定配信 DEBUT NEWCOMER 現地直送 新人デビュー VOL1 Lika Star / リカ スター


uploaded 2021-06-14 09:09:36



2021-06-14 09:09:36



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Okay! Blond rookie who comes out more and more! After all, when I'm old enough to have sex, there are many girls who want to feel good if they have sex anyway! ?? By the way, today's newcomer cutie is Licca-chan, a cute girl from Lori! Braided twin tails with crisp eyes! Hmmm, isn't it cute! When I listen to the story, it looks like a student! And I'm aiming for a teacher! She is enthusiastic about studying and loves children, and she seems to like sex too! What kind of experience do you want to have now? Welcome here! It looks like I'm a little nervous with the outside location and the interview, but as usual, I'll take a closer look and attack slowly! I wonder if I could see masturbation as well? Is Rika's pussy that is worrisome because she has beautiful skin a beautiful pink? I'm dying for this blonde teen! Licca-chan is quiet and listens to whatever you say! It has been proved in the history of Kim 8 that a quiet child will change completely in sex and entertain, but is it the same for Licca-chan? I'm looking forward to it!



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